Attractions in Kilkenny

Jerpoint Abbey

Wandering around this outstanding Cistercian abbey, founded in the second half of the 12th century, you feel a wonderful peace across the ages: inthe church with its Romanesque details; inthe transept chapels with their13th to 16th century tomb sculpture; admiring the tower and cloister dating from the 15th century. Then you spy the curious medieval human and animal carvings around the cloister arcade and you feel so very in touch with the individuals who made them. Guided tours and a Visitor Centre housing an interesting exhibition will tell you more.

The House of Waterford Crystal is 40 mins drive from Jerpoint Abbey.

Kilkenny Castle

Step into the epic age of Castles & Conquests, when Strongbow invaded with his Anglo-Norman barons and his son-in-law William Marshall built the mighty stone edifice of Kilkenny Castle to command the crossing on the River Nore. Kilkenny City became a major Norman power base and to this day the castle dominates the 'High Town'. As you tour the great castle, a complex structure of various architectural styles, you can piece together its story through eight centuries as well as that of the powerful Butler family who held sway here for nearly 600 years. Outside in the Castle Yard you can share in the creative side of the city in Kilkenny Design Centre and the National Design & Craft Gallery.

The House of Waterford Crystal is 45 mins drive from Kilkenny Castle.

St. Canice Cathedral

As you climb the Round Tower, a monk’s voice encourages you onwards, up 121 steps and back through 1,000 years to the Age of Saints and Scholars. And so you begin to understand the deep-rooted importance of the tower and the 13th century cathedral to the vibrant medieval city of Kilkenny. The 6th century Christian site here was named Cill Chainnigh,Gaelic for the Church of Canice, which also gave its name to Kilkenny.

The House of Waterford Crystal is 45 mins drive from St. Canice Cathedral in Kilkenny.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Who were the powerful patrons and creators of Kilkenny? You will find their stories preserved in stone in the Medieval Mile Museum, on the 13th century site of St Mary’s Church and graveyard, the finest example of a medieval church in Ireland. Get to know the High Kings of Ossory through the High Cross exhibition, and wealthy merchants in the Rothe Chapel; open the secrets of the Liber Primus, Kilkenny’s extraordinary medieval town book.

The House of Waterford Crystal is located only 40 mins drive from St. Mary Cathedral.


Harvested from the land, brewed with passion, seasoned by history – Smithwick’s Irish Ales have been made since 1710. Take a tour and you’ll have the chance to mill the malt, stir the mash and smell the hops – and savour some ale: a real draught of liquid heritage, still as refreshing as ever.

The House of Waterford Crystal is located 45 mins drive from Smithwick’s.