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The Mappin & Webb Orchid Brooch

  President Michael D Higgins and his wife Mrs Sabina Higgins met Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, the first ever Irish State Visit to Britain. President and Sabina Higgins were given a warm welcome by the Queen and Prince Philip.

The Queen was wearing an orchid brooch on her coat. A gift from Mappin Webb (jewellers, Royal Warrant-holding silversmiths  and home of the current Crown Jeweller, Martin Swift) in collaboration with Waterford Crystal this brooch includes orchid flowers of hand cut Waterford Crystal with 66 diamonds and rose gold stamens.              


It was handmade by the Mappin & Webb team with the Crown Jeweller and was given in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation. The Queen debuted the delicate piece during the Irish state visit, a fitting choice since Mappin & Webb is a company with a long British history, and Waterford Crystal is a company with a long Irish history.