Travel Guide to Ireland

We bring you a selection of the wonderful sites and attractions here in Ireland.


Let's explore the best gardens in Waterford city and county to visit in 2021 – Your Adventure Starts Here!

Copper Coast Exploring

With 25km of coastline to explore, there's plenty of different pit-stops to plan! So pack your picnic and hit the road!


Let's explore the best attractions in Waterford city and county to visit in 2021 – You’re invited to come and Stay!

Between Waterford's beautiful gardens in bloom and a city steeped in history and centuries of craft, there really is something for everyone!


Waterford's Wonderful Outdoors: The Anne Valley Walk

Here in Waterford we are lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of gorgeous outdoor areas perfect for exploring and taking in the fresh air! We're going to share them with you, so hopefully in the future you can experience the beauty on your next visit to Waterford and discover where we take our inspiration from for our crystal masterpieces!

The Anne Valley Walk

Top 5 Things To Visit In The Viking Triangle


Waterford City is steeped in history, from it's Viking roots to the beauty of Georgian & Victorian times in Waterford.

We've highlighted 5 of the things you have to visit in the Viking Triangle - all are within walking distance of The House of Waterford Crystal! Discover Waterford's heritage in glass making then step back in time as you stroll through Ireland's Oldest City!

5 Romantic Walks In Waterford


Looking for stunning views and the prettiest places to visit in Waterfordf? We thought we would share some of our favourite romantic walks and picturesque places around the county!


- catch a sunset, take in the charm of our local towns and villages, and witness the rugged beauty of the Waterford coastline. Perfect for planning the special moments on your next visit!


Mount Congreve - Enchanting Gardens in the Sunny South East

If you are looking for a place to relax and wander through some beautiful outdoor surroundings, then Mount Congreve is a top choice while in Ireland's Ancient East. Located about 10 minutes by car from Waterford City Center, Mount Congreve is a perfect day out for all the family. You are guaranteed some spectacular views no matter the season as there is such a vast variety of flora and fauna throughout the estate which covers 70 acres.

7 Things To Do In Waterford

Let's explore the best things to do in Waterford city and county. Experience the special things that happen on a break in Waterford - Too much fun for just one day!