World Sports

Waterford Crystal is a name synonymous throughout the world with unsurpassed quality of design and craftsmanship.

For many years, those whose task involves the judging and recognition of ultimate success have turned to Waterford Crystal to mark those supreme achievements. And what better way of rewarding the finest competitor than by awarding the finest crystal?

The Waterford craftsmen truly understand the efforts needed to become the best, the performance required to win the highest accolade. Each and every piece they produce is a work of art which sets a new standard of excellence. And each and every piece is itself awarded a stamp of approval, that indelible mark that signifies its perfection as a genuine Waterford creation.


Each sport has its great events and championships, and each has its great trophy to mark them. And in many sports around the world, these great trophies originate with the craftsmen of Waterford Crystal. Though these craftsmen devote maximum attention to every item they create, few things give them more satisfaction than working on a trophy for a world famous sporting event- especially as such prizes challenge their creative and crafting skills to the limit.


Waterford Crystal has created trophies for sporting events in golf, tennis, horse racing, rugby, sailing, snooker to name just a few.


"Outstanding awards for remarkable events”