At the House of Waterford, we create bespoke pieces for our customers.

The process of creating a unique piece begins in our studio, where our design team closely collaborates with the customer during the project's conceptual phase. The House of Waterford is able to create custom items while always keeping our client's needs in mind because of the close cooperation.

Once the design has been mutually agreed upon, we move to the next stage, the lengthy and painstaking process of mould-making, blowing, and cutting. For commissioned pieces that are engraved, the extraordinary journey through the hands of numerous Master craftsmen culminates with a Master Engraver. Following the principles established by the ancient Egyptians, he applies the letting, inscriptions, or images required. Instead of applying the tools to the crystal, the entire piece is carefully maneuvered beneath the copper wheels. Once the engraving has been completed to the Master Engraver's complete satisfaction, the finished piece is polished to perfection.

The creation of every Waterford piece is an achievement in itself. Innovative design, skilled craftsmanship, distinctive tradition, and unmatched attention.

A magnificent Waterford vase was completed by the House of Waterford. The item was crafted by hand in Waterford's factory on the Mall. A vase with a portrait of Pope John Paul II engraved on the front and the Vatican engraved on the back was ordered by Mr. William Sinnott from Illinois, USA.

Pope John Paul vase