How to select the appropriate Chandelier for your room

What is the height of the ceiling?

A traditional home has a ceiling height of circa 9 ft. or 3 metres. ​To accommodate this height, we would recommend a Chandelier from our range which has five or six arms within the frame.​​ A home with a ceiling height of 9 ft. or above can accommodate all of our current range of Chandeliers.​

We recommend a minimum clearance of 8 ft. underneath a Chandelier.​​ If the Chandelier is to sit over a dining room table, it can be suspended approximately 3ft over the table.​ The chain supplied with the chandelier can be adjusted 3 ft. in order to accommodate the space.​


Information we require in order to assist the selection of a chandelier​

The height of the ceiling in the room that the chandelier will sit when installed.​ ​What clearance is required underneath the chandelier? Depending on the room and its uses, this may influence the clearance height, underneath the chandelier.

Please advise the country that the chandelier will be located, as the voltage requirements differ in some countries example. USA requires 110V and Europe requires 240V​.​