3rd September 2016

Dublin - Ireland

Aer Lingus American College Football Classic

The House of Waterford Crystal is delighted to be associate sponsors of the American College Football Classic 2016. Waterford Crystal have manufactured two magnificent trophies for this event.

The Keough-Naughton College Football Trophy was designed by Matt Kehoe, Head of Design at Waterford Crystal and manufactured at the Waterford factory based in Ireland. The trophy is an American Football mounted on three individual sculpted pillars of crystal, resting on a beautiful base and plinth. Matt’s concept for the trophy was a ball in flight and the pillars represent the players’ arms catching the ball.

This Coach’s Award was designed by Billy Briggs, who captured the true classic shape of the American Football Helmet. The design, sparkle and quality reflect the unique design and craftsmanship of Waterford Crystal. The piece was mouth blown and hand cut using traditional manufacturing techniques. The diamond cutting across the surface of the helmet allows the light catch it, in order to create the magical sparkle, associated with Waterford Crystal.

The trophies are a fantastic addition to Waterford Crystal's collection of world famous sports trophies.

American College Football will be staged in Ireland for the third time in five years with the Aer Lingus College Football Classic between Boston College and Georgia Tech. The Aviva Stadium will host the American College Football Classic, which will take place on Saturday, 3rd of September and broadcast on ESPN.

The Boston College Eagles kick off their 2016 season against the formidable Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech. It is expected that 25,000 fans will travel from the US and Europe to take in the full College Football event experience.

The game in Dublin is being organised by Irish American Events Ltd, a joint venture between Corporate.ie and Anthony travel, who have been involved in the recent college football games in Ireland.


                                       The Keough-Naughton Trophy

The Coach's Award

Boston College and Georgia Tech mascots and cheerleaders visiting the House of Waterford Crystal