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Meet our Master Craftsmen Series

Pat Whelan is a Master Blower at the House of Waterford Crystal. This craft involves great skill, dexterity and timing, providing dramatic theater as the glass shape -shifts. It takes 8 years training to master the craft of blowing.

Pat Whelan as young boy had a plan. "My plan at 14 years of age was to leave school, continue to train as a boxer like my Dad Billy, who was a professional boxer", explains Pat.  "And I wanted to get a job to save to go to the Woodstock Festival in Up-state New York in 1969".

Meet our Master Craftsmen Series

John Keane is our Master Mould Maker at the House of Waterford Crystal. Waterford Crystal is one of the few companies today, which still practises the ancient craft of mould making. Very little has changed in this craft over the centuries. Wooden moulds and hand tools are used by our Master Blowers to shape the molten crystal.

Waterford Greenway 1st Birthday Celebrations Planned for March 25th

Waterford’s multi award-winning Greenway celebrates its first birthday On Sunday March 25th with a ‘Birthday Bumps’ drive which aims to encourage as many people as possible to get out, get active and enjoy using the 46km off-road cycling and walking trail.

The House of Waterford Crystal turns green to celebrate St Patrick's Day

The House of Waterford Crystal has gone green to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2018, as part of the Tourism Ireland Global Greening Initiative.

Some of the famous attractions and sites around the world will go green to mark St Patrick’s Day this year.Over 300 attractions, stadiums, statues, castles and towers across the globe will go green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in 2018.


At a reception in Dublin Castle on January 28th, the Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Mr Michael Ring TD presented plaques to 80 winners at the 24th CIE Tours International Awards of Excellence.

The Origin of Irish Coffee

Foynes in County Limerick is closely connected to the origin of the Irish coffee, as with anything in Ireland, the Irish weather played a big role as well. In 1943, a coffee shop and restaurant was opened by Brendan O'Regan in the terminal building at Foynes.

Waterford Crystal and the Times Square Ball


Did you know that Waterford Crystal has been fitting the Times Square Ball with brilliant crystal panels since the 2000 New Year’s Eve Celebration?

Winter Music Series at the House of Waterford Crystal

The House of Waterford Crystal presents a performance by Killian Browne in the retail store as part of its Winter Music Series.

Date: December 2nd

Time: 1pm to 1:45pm

All are welcome to attend and admission is free.