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The perfect cocktails for a Halloween themed evening with Mixologist ‘The Cocktail Spin’


The change of weather in October calls for some expertly crafted warming cocktails that are infused with fall’s best flavours. We have partnered with mixologist The Cocktail Spin who has devised some cocktails that can be enjoyed throughout this colourful season and inspired by the Halloween Holiday.


Michael Murphy Master Sculptor



Our beautiful Lismore pattern turns 69 today, October 23nd 


Master Craftsman, Tom Power has been cutting crystal at Waterford Crystal for 49 years! He started as a young man on the 10th September 1969. Tom was a student in the local tech when a Waterford Crystal representative visited the school to inform the students that they were looking to recruit personnel for the factory. Tom attended for the ability test, which was held in the workshop at Waterford Crystal in Johnstown, a very daunting experience and Tom remembers it well.

Cruise ship windfall for Waterford this July

Waterford is set to welcome more than 4,390 cruise ship passengers from July 14th to July 17th. The Summer cruise ship call programme to Waterford will see over 24,000 international visitors arrive to our shores in 2018.

The July programme begins with the Seabourne Quest docking in Belview, carrying 450 passengers, on Saturday next, July 14th and concludes with the Amadea arriving to Dunmore East on July 19th with 600 on board. Waterford also welcomes the Crystal Celebrity on its third trip to Waterford in 2018 on July 17th with 2,850 passengers on board.

Waterford launches Gin Journeys collection

It's no secret that Ireland has fallen head over heels in love with gin in recent times and what better way to enjoy the drink of the moment than in a glass from Waterford’s brand-new Gin Journeys collection.

Can a glass improve the taste of whiskey?


Yes - you will get more aromatics and flavour from your whiskey when you use whiskey-specific glassware like Short Stories or Lismore Connoisseur.

Why? Quality whiskey’s can only be fully and truly appreciated when experienced in the proper shaped glass wide enough for all types to breathe, perfect and allow for a pleasant and ‘neat’ swirling experience.

The Waterford Blaa at the Crystal Cafe

The Waterford Blaa is served at the Crystal Cafe in the House of Waterford Crystal and can be enjoyed as part of your breakfast or lunch. The tradition of baking of the Waterford Blaa, is believed to date back to the arrival of the Huguenots. The Hugenots were members of the Reformed Church of France from the time of the Protestant Reformation.