William Maddock Clock

This unique clock exhibits the finest combination of 18th & 20th century Waterford craftsmanship. The workings of the clock are by William Maddock who was the most prestigious watch and clock maker in Waterford from 1766-1790. The Maddock family were in the clock business in the city until 1850. A watch by William Maddock is in the National Museum of Ireland (ref no:4-1945).

The clock mechanism was completely restored to the highest standard when Waterford Crystal acquired the workings in the 1990's. One craftsman spent six months encasing the mechanism in 48 crystal panels and 250 decorative buttons each individually hand crafted.

This magnificent combination truly represents the splendid workmanship that has been the hallmark of quality throughout the centuries in Ireland. The clock weighs approximately 95kg/210lbs.

The clock is on display on the factory tour at the House of Waterford Crystal