Waterford launches Gin Journeys collection

It's no secret that Ireland has fallen head over heels in love with gin in recent times and what better way to enjoy the drink of the moment than in a glass from Waterford’s brand-new Gin Journeys collection.

Featuring six different crystal patterns, the collection is not only striking to look at and enjoyable to drink from, it is steeped in history with inspiration being drawn from County Waterford’s heritage in gin. Since the Victorian era, spices and botanicals have been transported along its roads and rivers to distilleries and the great houses throughout Ireland. Developed in collaboration with industry experts the collection has been specifically created to enrich the aromas and infuse the flavours of the botanicals within the spirit, so that gin connoisseurs can enjoy an enhanced drinking experience.

The collection features two new shapes from Waterford, designed for the ultimate enjoyment of the spirit: balloon glasses with a short stem which are perfect for gins with a 39% and above ABV, due to their bowl-like shape trapping the aromas inside the glass and allowing the spirit more room to breathe as well as space for garnishes and ice, and slim hi-balls which are ideal for lower alcohol gins and cocktails.

The crystalware itself has been designed using three Short Stories barware patterns, which also launched this year. These include Olann, which boasts a dramatic diamond design inspired by the classic diamond stitch on Olann knitwear originating from the Aran Islands; Cluin, which showcases a masculine square-cut design reminiscent of the bookshelves in Dublin’s 18th Century Gothic Marsh’s Library and Aras, which draws inspiration from the architecture of ancient castles found on the rolling hills of the Irish landscape, with its dramatic yet classic vertical-cut design pattern.

In addition to this, the collection includes three more timeless designs including Waterford’s signature Lismore design, which is renowned for its brilliance and clarity; Elegance, which is the epitome of exactly that - ideal for entertaining and transforming any event into a special occasion, with its sleek lines and sophisticated pattern; and Elegance Optic, a smooth, crystalline design that would be a welcome addition to any gin connoisseurs’ barware collection.

The Waterford Gin Journeys collection has something for everyone from dramatic designs to sleek, minimal pieces – offering a sophisticated way to enjoy and truly appreciate the flavour of the much-loved spirit.

See our full collection at https://goo.gl/RPu7sC