"Waterford Crystal Moment" competition winners announced

The House of Waterford Crystal would like to announce that our inaugural “Waterford Crystal Moment” photographic competition has come to an end. Throughout the course of the competition we have received some truly wonderful images and great response. We would like to thank all of our participants for their effort and creativity that they displayed. The team at the House of Waterford Crystal thoroughly enjoyed your company!

The variety and the quality of works that we received was absolutely amazing, and we had a tough time selecting the five lucky winners. After some lengthy discussions, the jury finally made their choice. These are the names of the most creative and passionate Waterford Crystal lovers that we thought had stood out: Wendy Taylor, Rose Stripe, Sandra Roberts, Delphine Pechou, and Ralph Dicks!

To celebrate this marvellous feat, the House of Waterford Crystal will present each of the winners with the beautiful Lismore Diamond Decanter! All of the entries will also be kept right where they belong – proudly on display in our gallery section. Congratulations to all of you!

The staff at the House of Waterford Crystal would like to thank you all for joining us for this great event and we hope to see you back soon!