The Shaolin monks learn about the craft of crystal-making at the House of Waterford Crystal

On Tuesday October 23rd, the House of Waterford Crystal welcomed two Shaolin monks to its manufacturing facility and retail store. During their visit to the House of Waterford Crystal, they were taken on a VIP tour of the manufacturing facility and during the tour donned a white coat and tried their hand at wedge cutting.


They have travelled from a Shaolin Temple located in Henan Province, China, having trained all their lives to be Shaolin Masters. The Shaolin are famous for teaching Martial Arts, Meditation and Buddhism as a way of life, improving health and well-being and concentrating on finding balance in life. The history of the Shaolin Temple stretches over 2,000 years

The Shaolin are currently resident at Monart from September to December 2012, where visitors can see one of the world’s oldest cultures in action and learn the great skills of life which Master Zheng can teach.