NBC visits the House of Waterford Crystal



NBC Great Getaways combines the stunning visual imagery and vast reach of television with the access and interactivity of the Internet to create a travel program of unrivalled usefulness.

NBC Great Getaways, Ireland developed and produced a 30-minute video postcard consisting of four segments. It follows the Mulligan family around Ireland, starting in Dublin for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, as they circumnavigate the entire country. As part of their Getaway, they visit the House of Waterford Crystal, kiss the Blarney stone, visit the cliffs of Moher, and learn from a  Brewmaster how to pour - and drink - the perfect pint of Guinness.

Travelling around Ireland with CIE Tours, Dave Mulligan and his family visited the House of Waterford Crystal, where they took a guided tour of the manufacturing facility and Retail Store. 

Great Getaways Ireland will air across the U.S. on NBC Non-stop Stations

Great Getaways, Ireland 30-minute show will air during PRIME time a minimum of 5 times on each of the following NBC Non-stop Stations:

-         Chicago

-         Dallas-Ft. Worth

-         Washington D.C.

-         Los Angeles

-         Miami

-         New York

-         Philadelphia

-         San Francisco

-         San Diego

Visit the link below, to view the segment on the House of Waterford Crystal.