House of Waterford Crystal artisans design the crystal chess set

The design team at the House of Waterford Crystal have created an amazing hand-made crystal chess set.

The creation of the piece took over three months of difficult and intricate work and features the 22x22 inches crystal board. The board is cut from a solid slab of crystal and divided into individual squares, by means of wedge cutting to resemble the outlay of the chess board.

The chess board pieces themselves are sculpted out of billets of crystal and are individually designed. To differentiate between one set and the other, the tops of the figures on each side are sculpted using different techniques. Clear crystal is used to highlight the black pieces and frosted, satin-white crystal is used to depict the white pieces.

The crystal set is bordered by 2 inches of diamond cutting, separating it from the mahogany casing, which consists of three parts and is topped by the handcrafted American white oak lid. The lid is stained black to show the grain in the wood and features the House of Waterford Crystal logo, burned in and filled with silver.