House of Waterford creates stunning commissioned vase

The House of Waterford Crystal has recently completely a stunning Waterford Crystal Vase. The piece was handcrafted in the factory on the Mall in Waterford. Mr William Sinnott from Illinois, USA commissioned a vase with a portrait of Pope John Paul II engraved on the front and the Vatican engraved on the back.

So how did this commissioned piece become a piece of Waterford?

The process of creating this unique piece began by working closely with Mr Sinnott at the conceptual stage of the project. Once the concept was mutually agreed, we moved to the next stage, the lengthy process of mouth-blowing and hand-cutting.

This extraordinary journey through the hands of numerous Master craftsmen culminates with a Master Engraver, Pat Brophy. Pat, a Master Engraver with 40 years service engraved a portrait of John Paul II on one side of the vase and engraved the Vatican on the back. The type of copper wheel engraving used here at the factory at the House of Waterford Crystal is called 'Intaglio', which means reverse. The deeper the engraver engraves into the crystal the more prominent the object appears.

Once the engraving was to Pat's complete satisfaction, the finished piece was sent to Mr. Sinnott in the USA, where it now takes pride of place!