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This is why Waterford Crystal is famous for its sparkle

WATERFORD, Ireland – Waterford Crystal is renowned for its sparkle!

Flat Cuts 

These types of cuts are most commonly found on the stems of glasses and the necks of decanters. This type of cutting, also known as
the Rheintour cut, is a common feature on World Sport Trophies. 

Fine Diamonds

A series of closely cut symmetrical lines arranged to give a diamondlike appearance. The depth of this cut contributes to Waterford’s unique brilliance. It is one of the more advanced cut types the apprentice cutter must master.

Open Plain Diamonds

The surface of the glass is carved with an abrasive wheel and a series of cuts symmetrically arranged to give a diamond-like appearance. Olives Performed using the smooth surface of a carved wheel. The cutter carves out an oval in the crystal similar to an olive shape. 

Wedge Cuts

These are also known as the leaf cut and are the most fundamental of all cuts. This type of cutting unites all designs. It can vary from a light, shallow imprint to a heavy deep incision – portraying delicacy or strength. Successful execution requires great skill and discretion.


Blaze cuts are a contribution of leaf cuts placed around the piece; they can be either of equal or unequal length.

Blaze - perpendicular

These are upright cuts found on the glass. They are most commonly used in combination with other patterns, that being the Open Plain Diamonds.

Blaze – Unequal

This is a series of upright cuts of different size and length. Examples of these cuts can be found on the Maureen, Eileen and Mourne suites.


A rosette is a combination of three or more cuts. The first cut is placed on the crystal in a vertical or horizontal position. A number of cuts are added to form the fan according to the designer’s pattern. The fan cut is most commonly used on bowls, vases and some stemware suites.


These are the circles placed around the piece, they are used to enhance and give a design structure. The ring cut is a feature of
hollowware – bowls and vases.