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Waterford & Wine


Did you know Waterford was once the Wine Capital of Ireland? As one of the oldest cities, Waterford's wine culture has played a huge role in its heritage for hundreds of years. With a long and colorful wine history, Waterford was once a bustling European port and a hub of wine commerce. This trade linked Waterford with some of the most sophisticated cities in Europe - namely Bristol, Bordeaux and Bruges.

Wine was imported into Waterford in wooden barrels, and wine jugs were needed to serve it. As by-products of the wine industry, these jugs were found in city center excavations and are now on display in Waterford's Medieval Museum. The museum is located opposite the House of Waterford Crystal and there you can learn all about Waterford's rich history and visit the 15th Century Mayor's Wine Vault. The vault was built around 1440 by a wealthy wine merchant called Peter Rice. Rice's son, James, went on to become mayor of Waterford and served for eleven terms.

With Waterford's wine history in mind, it's only natural that the best glasses for wine appreciation come from Waterford. We have various collections that we're sure will please everyone from the novice wine drinker to wine connoisseurs.


The Elegance Collection

Enhance your senses with The Elegance Collection, a relaxed yet elegant selection of drinkware, designed for the appreciation of fine wines, champagne and spirits. Perfect shapes of delicate bowls, a thin easy-to-hold stem, just the right weight and balance…this collection exudes perfection. Engage your senses with coveted crystal stemware, perfectly shaped for the ultimate tasting experience.


The Lismore Essence Collection

Featuring a narrow bowl that channels aromas towards the drinker, and a long, pulled stem to preserve the chilled temperature of its contents, each divinely crafted Lismore Essence White Wine glass is expertly designed to unlock the full potential of your most coveted white wine.


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