House of Waterford Crystal introduces the Crystal Sword to its collection

House of Waterford Crystal has a very special addition to its already abundant collection.

A spectacular crystal sword has been produced by the team of our master craftsman in our manufacturing facility in Ireland.

The idea was first conceived by the master sculptor Michael Murphy. Master sculptor Kenneth McEvoy prepared a drawing of the crystal sword, with some intricate and original touches.

One of them, the black crystal stone, which is elegantly placed at the top of the handle, is a unique feature. Even though giving a perception of being black, in reality it is actually evergreen – the darkest shade of green – with tiny golden sparkling stars in it, which were added during the production of the precious stone. The handle is ornately cut, simulating the medieval design of leather wrapping.

The sword itself is firmly lodged into the finely polished, black Kilkenny granite under a 60 degree angle.

The creation of this magnificent piece took over five weeks to create.