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Cruise Nautica pays a visit to the House of Waterford Crystal

On Thursday, 2nd August, the House of Waterford Crystal welcomed visitors from the Cruise Nautica, which arrived in Waterford harbour earlier that day. Marvellous grand ship 594 feet long was on display in the Belview Port for everyone to admire.

The visitors to our magnificent South East got a chance to indulge themselves in the atmosphere of Ireland’s oldest city and, of course, visit its great landmark – world renowned House of Waterford Crystal.

The visitors were given a guided tour of the factory and retail facilities, where they got a chance to witness the skill and craftsmanship of the Waterford artisans at work.


“This is very beautiful”, commented one of the visitors on the Waterford Crystal Skyline Bowl, which was designed to celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games and features engravings of the city’s biggest landmarks. 

Cruise Nautica is operated by the Oceania Cruises and is currently on a 12 day voyage of the British Isles. Prior to visiting sunny Waterford, the cruise had travelled from London to Edinburgh, Kirkwall, Belfast, and now is on its way to Cork before reaching its destination point at Le Havre in France.