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Can a glass improve the taste of whiskey?


Yes - you will get more aromatics and flavour from your whiskey when you use whiskey-specific glassware like Short Stories or Lismore Connoisseur.

Why? Quality whiskey’s can only be fully and truly appreciated when experienced in the proper shaped glass wide enough for all types to breathe, perfect and allow for a pleasant and ‘neat’ swirling experience.

Using the correct glass is always a hallmark of good taste. When you pour your choice of liquor into a glass designed for whiskey, your senses are more alert to the flavour and scent. Suddenly, you’re aware of your whiskey’s aromatics – picking up its subtle notes.

This makes your whiskey tasting experience even better. Whiskey glasses from Waterford’s Short Stories series are a crowning achievement of crystal craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine whiskey enjoyment.

Tumblers in these collections serves the whiskey connoisseur who enjoys their drink either neat, with a splash of water, a dash of soda or an ice cube or two.