Beautiful Imagery of the House of Waterford Crystal


Hardy Klahold is a photographer from Denver, Colorado.  Mr. Klahold and his wife recently visited the House of Waterford Crystal. They  took a tour of the manufacturing facility, where they were guided through the process of how Waterford Crystal is made and also visited our Retail Store featuring the world's largest collection of  Waterford Crystal.

During his visit Mr. Klahold took some fabulous photographs, which he has kindly agreed to share on our Blog.

Mr Klahold said, “ My wife and I recently spend some days in Ireland and fell in love with your country. Of course we stopped in Waterford and since my wife is a big fan of Waterford Crystal, there was no question that we had to tour Waterford Crystal. I just wanted to show you a few photos I shot during a tour we took to see the crystal manufacturing”

We would like to thank Mr. Klahold for sharing these images with us.